Lift and Slide Doors:

By turning the handle 180 degrees, the lift and slide doors lift up out of the locking and sealed position. The sash or door becomes easy to slide to the side into the desired opened position or into an optional wall pocket. Our lift and slide doors can also be supplied with an electric automatic remote control opener.

Our lift and slide doors are available in wood or wood with extruded aluminium or bronze exterior cladding.

  • Sash Size width 700-3300mm and height 1851–2765mm

  • Sash weight of up to 250kg

  • Sliders with 4-wheel runners made of reinforced laminated plastic material with ball bearings

  • Lift-locking gears are ready for the installation of a profile cylinder

  • Newly designed runners provide even smoother sliding of the sash or door

  • For individual ventilation, the sash can be opened from a very small slit to maximum opening width and lowered to any position one desires

  • High anti-burglary feature due to a robust hardware design

  • The fittings can be combined with threshold thermo step for outstanding thermal break at the bottom

  • The considerably reduced torque of the turn handles provides light and easy operation, even of large and heavy sashes

  • Optional flush track system (3/16" above finish floor)

  • Integrated Alarm system available
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