Parallel Tilt and Slide doors:

Our Parallel Tilt and Slide doors can operate in three positions: closed, tilt and slide. By turning the handle 90 degrees, the door automatically opens into the tilt position on the top making it ideal for ventilation. A further 45 degrees downward twist of the handle and the door swings out at the bottom part letting the door slide parallel to the side into a preferred opening position. Even door or sash weights of up 200kg can easily be operated with one hand.

Our Tilt and slide doors are available in wood or wood with extruded aluminium or bronze exterior cladding.

  • Sash Size width 720-2000mm height 820–2370mm or 28 1/2"-78 3/4"x 32 1/2"-93 1/4"

  • Sash weight up to 200kg

  • When closing, the sash automatically engages in tilt position, thus allowing for secure ventilation - the sash is secured against being pulled open.

  • Wheels made of reinforced laminated plastic material with ball bearings

  • 3-D doors adjustment

  • Integrated Alarm system available
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